There are many different types of Animal Communicator with different intuitive and sensory abilities. Some will receive information visually, others audibly and still others will have a knowing, a feeling and perhaps even body sensations.

I tend to receive visual as well as sensory information about my animal clients. During a formal online session I would ask for a photograph of your animal to connect to. I would then record down information that comes through and ask questions on your behalf.

An Animal Communication session starts with me sending you a form to fill in to give me a structure to follow as well as provide you an opportunity to ask any questions you would like me to explore with your animal.

A session is designed around your animal and their needs. Making them feel comfortable and allowing them freedom to express themselves in whatever way they feel happy to. You can book an online session or a home visit.

I specialise in Animal feelings/emotions and physical health as well as end of life.

I also teach my passion in Animal Communication and if you would like to learn how to connect with your beloved in this way I would love to teach you. Simply email me for more information

I would be honoured to work with your beloved animal.


Communicating with a magnificent buzzard