Learn Dog Massage


Learn Dog Massage


Learn Dog Massage with Canine Massage Therapist, Acupressure Massage and Reiki Master Nicky Crowe.

We all love to stroke and massage our dogs but we might not know if what we are doing really benefits our loved ones. Learn simple and effective massage techniques and be able to identify the dogs’ musculoskeletal system to really make a difference to their wellbeing.

In this 1hr online face-to-face video call workshop you will learn basic massage techniques for your dog to increase circulation, relieve pain, identify knots, provide relaxation and release any emotional trauma from the muscle tissues. These are techniques that can provide your dog a lifetime of therapy and relief.

Regular home massage keeps our dogs relaxed, calm, healthy, injury free and can ward off arthritis and other pain disorders in later life. It is also a wonderful way to communicate with your dog using touch and body language.

Massage is therapy for all kinds of health conditions. And latest research shows the link between emotional responses such as, anxiety in dogs and concomitant tension in their musculo-skeletal system. Like humans, dogs hold trauma within their body both physical and emotional.

If you would like to have a chilled out dog – massage is one of the most instrumental tools you can use to help them. It helps to transform behavioural issues, such as, fear aggression, barking, anxiety, phobias etc.

Whatsapp Nicky on 07525 127064 if you have any questions. Or email nicky@nickycrowe.com

Love Nicky and Merlin

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