Nicky is a qualified Dog Behaviourist with 9 years experience helping dogs with behaviours that range from anxiety, separation anxiety, reactivity, barking, whining, fears and phobias, noise sensitivities and more…

Once qualified in traditional Behavioural methods, Nicky knew that there is more that could be done to help animals release these behaviours from not only their mind but also their body tissue, energy field, ancestral line and help them to cope in a much more holistic methodology. Honouring our dogs ancestry and looking at a dog’s nutrition and underlying health conditions. Some seen and some unknown, to give a wider picture to their behaviour.

In many cases, the dogs behaviour mirrors something in their human(s) and Nicky offers a Personal Retreat program to treat both the human(s) and the dog(s) as a unit. This can transform the humans life as much as the dogs. Helping in other areas such as work, relationships and inner contentedness.

Nicky offers all of her face-to-face sessions and programs as online video calls and she helps dog and human clients across the world including: USA, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Europe. Email for more information.