The Connection Technique

Ever said the words: “I wish I knew what my dog was saying?”.

With the behaviours they are displaying, or the whining and the barking.

Nicky offers a Holistic Dog Behavioural and Health Program that looks at both the human and the dog. Alongside traditional Behaviourist Programs. You can choose whether it is you who needs “training” or the dog.

What’s on offer:

-Behaviour consultations

-Human and Dog Therapy

-Natural Therapies

The Connection Technique:

Empowering humans to communicate with your dog(s) and animals through their most powerful means of language: their senses.

In Greek mythology it is common knowledge that dogs were given to us as a gift. To help us to bridge communication between humans and the natural world and to reflect back to us our mirror image.

“As a Behaviourist of 9 years, I always knew there was more that we could be doing than solely traditional behaviour training. I have founded The Connection Technique to help give back to our dogs their ability to self-heal. And to heal us. Where we resolve the underlying reason for behaviours and health conditions and not just the symptoms…

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