1-1 Personal Therapy Retreat

on the beautiful Jurassic Coast, minutes walk from sandy beaches.

2 day retreat and 2 overnight stays


It is proven that dogs mirror and absorb our emotions. Like the mother Lion who will self-care and feed herself before her cub - so too are humans starting to realise that to be the best parents for their dogs and to help them with their behaviour and health - we need to look after our therapy needs first.

Take a break at the seaside with Merlin and I, where you will stay in our sunny ground floor apartment with a garden, only minutes walk from the sea. And receive deep healing, relaxation and therapy designed to help you and your dog.

Come for a transformational adventure by immersing yourself in nature and the sea.

Therapies include Self-selection of plant remedies and herbs, behaviour training, shamanic healing, healing through dream therapy, canine massage, animal Reiki and communication as well as human/animal EFT.

Helping the human to manage their anxieties, worries, emotions and healing past trauma can be transformational to the health of your dog as well as yourself. Many of my clients are so bonded with their beloved dog that they share everything together. Including the behaviour and health issues the dog is displaying.

Nature provides the grounding and the power to access instinct and to refocus the mind. Dreams provide the landscape of the original wounding, the cathartic journeying and finally the releasing into our offerings to nature.

I believe that your dog is helping you by mirroring back that healing needs to take place. Showing you that something is out of balance or in need of deep healing within the subconscious.

In Greek mythology, dogs are seen as gifts to humans. An intermediary between humans and the natural world. The dog, “man’s best friend” and anxious to understand us and communicate with us is a great helper to humankind.

You may book this retreat for yourself or even bring your dog along…

In order to really enjoy a dog, one doesn’t merely try to train him to be semi-human. The point of it is to open oneself to the possibility of becoming partly a dog

— Edward Hoagland

You may book your retreat mid-week or at the weekend.

2 day mid-week £450

2 day weekend £500

3 day mid-week £650

3 day weekend £700

Minus £100 if you do not require accommodation. Email nicky@nickycrowe.com

Once you have booked Nicky will contact you to arrange dates or please give her a call to arrange beforehand. Whatsapp is the best means of contact: 07525127064

About Nicky

Nicky is an Advanced Inka Paqo Healer, Reiki Master, Meditation teacher, Dream Healing Practitioner, Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner, Animal Communicator and 2-point healer as well as a Dog Behaviourist and Animal Healer. The type of therapy offered is complimentary with traditional counselling.

Nicky works alongside some of the best traditional Psychotherapists, Sound Healers and Astrologers in the Bournemouth area and you are welcome to request a session in one of these areas in addition to what is on offer. There is also a floatation tank and massage centre only minutes walk away to enhance your stay here. And of course, depending on the time of year you arrive the sea swimming is the most invigorating therapy of them all!

This is a retreat that is also suitable for your dog if you choose to bring them. To stay over with your dog there are some guidelines below that need to be met but there is no need to bring your dog as you will have a demo dog to practice the animal healing techniques that you take home to your furry loved one.

As part of your retreat we shall be taking a trip into the New Forest for a 2 hour immersion into Forest Bathing and the deep healing this provides on both your nervous system but also scientifically proven results in increasing your immune system, lowering blood pressure, stress and increasing your NK fighting cells against cancer. Results that last for at least 30 days. And you will learn the practice to take this into your own life moving forward.

We will also be spending time by the sea and integrating the 5 elements into our practice.

The retreat can be tailored to your needs and below is an outline the potential offering. We will design a tailored plan just for you.

Example of a 2 day retreat:

Day 1:

Arrive 2pm (with pick up available from train station or airport)

Walk to the beach

4pm 2 hour assessment and therapy session (choice of: Reiki, EFT, Shamanic healing using a Mesa, talking therapy, meditation, learn canine massage).

6pm The evening is yours to enjoy the seaside and the local high street of Southbourne (5 min walk) filled with restaurants.

Dream therapy

Day 2:

8am Breakfast (energy balls, fruit, breakfast cereal and tea available or if you would prefer to eat out there are some lovely breakfast eateries close by)

10am 2hr Forest Bathing and nature therapy in the New Forest. Awakening your animal senses and understanding from an animal’s perspective.

12pm Lunch in the New Forest or back in Southbourne

2pm 2 hour therapy session (we may start on the behavioural therapies for your dog and how this mirrors in you as well at this point. Your dog does not need to be present)

4pm you can book additional therapies such as massage, floatation tank, reflexology and more…

5:30pm optional meditation

6pm The evening is yours

Dream therapy

Day 3:

8am Breakfast

10am 2hr therapy session

12pm End or if you are booking a 3 day retreat we will extend the day with 4 more hours tailored to you.

You may wish to book additional therapies with recommended practitioners in Sound Healing, Counselling, Astrology, Reflexology. Contact Nicky to arrange.

Guidelines for bringing your dog:

  1. Your dog must be friendly with other dogs and humans

  2. Your dog must be house trained

  3. Your dog may sleep in your room but not on the bed unless you bring your own King size sheets and duvet.

Accommodation is included but you can book this retreat without accommodation (minus £100). Email nicky@nickycrowe.com Food is not provided except for the breakfast outlined above.

Private room and shared bathroom with standalone shower and bath. King sized bed. Garden and sunny terrace.

The local amenities of Southbourne and surrounding areas of natural beauty can be viewed here.

To book: www.nickycrowe.com/tobook