Plant Remedies have revolutionised the world of behaviour training and holistic animal veterinary care.

A Self-Selection of Natural Remedies session gives back to your animal the ability to self-heal. When there is an imbalance in the body, such as, a health or behavioural/emotional issue, the body sends off a signal, a hormonal signal that changes the perception of SMELL and TASTE. In this way, the natural remedy that will help the condition will smell super good to them. If they do not need a remedy it will present as neutral or unpleasant to protect the body from what it does not require.

You may uncover that hidden unknown that your animal has been trying to communicate to you.

You may take this session in person with me local to Bournemouth or over online video call nationwide.

A Self-Selection session is led by the animal with no diagnosis or prescription from the human. In this way it is completely safe. All the remedies and knowledge come from the Caroline Ingraham School of Zoopharmacognosy and 30 years of scientific as well as case study research. Only the plant remedies from Caroline Ingraham are offered via a link to her website. We cannot be held accountable for remedies that are not purchased there.

During the 1.5 hrs session you will discover what your animal is needing and how they show signs of self-selection so that you can make your own choices as to what remedies you may wish to purchase and provide for self-selection at home. The learning enables you to build your own first aid kit and empower your animal.

Nicky has helped empower animals to self-heal for a wide variety of health and behavioural issues:



-chronic conditions

-behavioural issues e.g. barking, over dominance, insecurity, reactivity, attachment anxiety, separation anxiety, generalised anxiety

-ear infections, penis infection, abscesses, conjunctivitis





-digestive complaints

To book a session click the link below and Nicky will contact you to arrange a date and time.