Personal Retreat for Humans

Come for a transformational adventure by immersing yourself in nature and the sea.

Nicky and her dog Merlin provide therapies, connection with nature and ancient rituals to help with human anxiety, health and stress. Everything you experience on retreat you can take forward into your daily life to help you to thrive.

Connecting to both nature and animals is deeply grounding and the therapy and support that animals give to us is unmatched. Merlin is a therapy dog who will attend alongside the Reiki treatments, the ancient Inka rituals and healings, the forest bathing and the intuitive counselling.

Personal Retreat for Humans and Dogs

It is proven that dogs mirror and absorb our emotions. Like the mother Lion who will self-care and feed herself before her cub - so too are humans starting to realise that to be the best parents for their dogs and to help them with their behaviour and health - we need to look after our therapy needs first.

Take a break at the seaside with Merlin and I, where you will stay in our sunny ground floor apartment with a garden, only minutes walk from the sea. And receive deep healing, relaxation and therapy designed to help you and your dog.

There is no need to bring your dog (but you can!) as we can work on your relationship and the healing needed to help you help your dog.