“Thank you for my blissed out sleepy dog who I can hear snoring from 3 rooms away. It was a lovely and fascinating afternoon.”

Lizzi Shaw commenting about Dog Gong and Plant Remedies workshop. Happy her 14 year old in the piccie, loving the dog gong. This gong is specifically for pain.

I contacted Nicky to help with my Shihtzu cross girl after her barking continued to increase in frequency and volume following a long period of illness from both liver and eye issues which has resulted in her hearing amplifying and her barking at any noise outside the house as she was feeling insecure and anxious. I had a video consultation with Nicky where we talked through everything Dolly had been through in detail and then started to work on the plant remedies Nicky had recommended to me from the information I had sent in initially. Dolly had her first dose last night and then has had them again today at 4 hour intervals, one word WOW, Dolly is like a different dog, we have only had one episode of continuous barking today as oppose to it being pretty much non stop, and she didn’t bark once when I had 2 separate deliveries, so much so the delivery lady who sees her regularly commented she is like a different dog! I can’t praise Nicky and her knowledge of how the plant remedies support our dogs, I was reaching the end of my tether and didn’t know which way to turn as I always prefer a natural rather than chemical approach to all remedies for my dogs. Not even 24 hours in and I have a chilled and happy dog. Thank you Nicky
— Alison Hardy and Dolly
What a find Nicky is! Thorough, knowledgeable, informative, easy to communicate with, charming. We covered nutrition to review at ten what changes should and could be implemented to Scruffy’s diet. The additions re any allergies, immune system support, preventative strategies for arthritis etc, etc. Then went on to look at how massage can ease any worrying about fireworks and relax tense muscles. An enjoyable session for both of us connecting in a new way and Scruffy’s expressions of ecstasy were so funny! ❤️😇
— Gill Brownson
Gorgeous Scruffy

Gorgeous Scruffy

Wow! I’ve just had the pleasure of working with Nicky on a dog massage course. We did this over Skype and it was very informative and enlightening. Nicky talked me through the procedures as i practised on my own dogs. She is very knowledgeable and a great teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed it as did my dogs xx
— Tracey Simpson
Nicky is helping us with our lovely 8 month old Darcy dog who has some anxieties around humans. We have seen improvements already after just two weeks and are delighted with the support and communication we have had and still have from Nicky since our initial meeting. It’s so reassuring to have someone on the end of the phone to ask a quick question or share progress with. We are feeling positive that Nicky’s methods and action plan are going to really help Darcy long term. She’s easy to work with, realistic, calm and clearly very knowledgeable. We highly recommend her (and Merlin �) !! �
— Katy Errington
Nicky took her time with my wayward pup, who was desperate to leave in search of the pigs ear she’d found earlier!!!
Dedication and passion shone through in her practice and I learnt so much and Zephyr gained peace and calm and release from pain I didn’t know she was holding.
Thank you for your dedication and speed with which you sent me more information.
I can’t wait to learn more to make me a better dog mother 💕🐶
— Vanessa Lott
Zephyr searching out Merlin’s pigs ear :)

Zephyr searching out Merlin’s pigs ear :)


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