The Connection Technique

In Greek Mythology and ancient healing, dogs are seen as gifts to humans. Helping to act as intermediaries between the human and natural worlds.

The Connection Technique is a program that I have founded to help both the human and the dog as a unit. In about 90% of the behaviour cases I am called in to help. I have observed how the dog is often mirroring human behaviours within the household. Even if the dog has come to the human as a rescue and with issues unrelated to his/her person, it is still interesting to note, the issues that come into the family can have transformational healing on both the human and the dog.

Dogs hold emotions throughout their body and mind, within their muscle tissue, the part of the brain called the amygdala, their nervous system and their heart and stomach “brains”. Behaviours can become triggered by sight, smell, sound and touch as their body memory and mind memory take them into fight or flight.

Learn how to transform your dogs' behaviour and health issues through a holistic behavioural program.

The Connection Technique is an online subscription program that includes video call instruction as well as video, audio and PDF material.

Go deeper into the body-mind of the human and dog and take this online training program - teaching the human how to connect with their dog through the senses, animal communication, meditation, zoopharmacognosy, canine massage and animal Reiki. Selecting the modules that most speak to you.

As part of the program we explore human leadership skills and non-violent communication. As well as the proven theory that animals mirror and pick up on our emotions and stress.

Asclepius the Greek God of healing, son of Apollo and apprentice to Pan/Chiron has three animal helpers. The snake, the dog and the cockerel. Find out more how dogs help us to look at ourselves and self-heal.

Nicky’s passion is to help people really connect to their dog or animal in a way that helps resolve behavioural issues and identifies the feelings and the underlying needs of their loved ones. Freeing both human and dog from the shackles of stress, worry, anger, pain and trauma.

Subscription is £22/month and we cover the following modules and more:

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  1. The dogs’ mind

  2. Body-mind connection

  3. Opening up your animal senses

  4. Connecting to your dogs senses

  5. Meditation techniques

  6. Self-selection of remedies through sense of smell

  7. Understanding dog Reactivity

  8. Dog anxiety and human anxiety

  9. What is my dog trying to tell me…

  10. Animal Reiki

  11. Animal EFT

  12. Dog Massage

  13. Dream therapy and spirit animals

  14. Journeying

  15. The 5 elements

  16. Connecting to Nature beings

  17. Enrichment

  18. Canine nutrition

  19. Sound therapy