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Canine Self-Selection of Natural Remedies 1/2 day Workshop

  • The Retreat New Forest Lyndhurst Road Hinton United Kingdom (map)

Ever said the words “I wish I knew what my dog was trying to tell me with their behaviour issues or demonstrations?” Come and learn how to ask your dog what is wrong and receive the answers through their preferred language: their sense of smell and olfactory perception.

Dog Behaviourist and Healer Nicky Crowe and her assistant Merlin, the cavalier king charles spaniel have been working as Animal Behaviourists for over 9 years and are qualified in Dog Pharmacognosy - the self-selection of natural plant remedies.

Venue: The Retreat, New Forest, Lyndhurst Road


2pm-4:30pm (2.5hrs)

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This workshop is designed to help people to help their animals self-select natural remedies for all manner of illness, behaviour conditions and pain. For example, allergies, arthritis, unknown illnesses, hormonal imbalance, digestive complaints, eye and ear issues. And common behaviour issues such as noise sensitivity, reactivity, anxiety, barking etc.

Plant remedies are a way to give back what we have taken from our dogs. The ability to self-select remedies based upon their own knowledge of their body and sensory perception.

You will be learning step-by-step how to communicate with your dog through the language of smell and taste. To bring them back into physical and/or mental balance and health.

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