The Connection Technique

Ever said the words: “I wish I knew what my dog was saying?”.

The Connection Technique is about mindful connection between the human and the dog. “A Holistic Dog Behavioural and Health Program”.

Empowering you to communicate with your dog(s) and animals through their most powerful means of language: their senses.

“As a Behaviourist of 9 years, I always knew there was more that we could be doing than solely traditional behaviour training. I have founded The Connection Technique to help give back to our dogs their ability to self-heal.

Dogs hold emotions throughout their body and mind, within their muscle tissue, the part of the brain called the amygdala, their nervous system and their heart and stomach “brains”. Behaviours can become triggered by sight, smell, sound and touch as their body memory and mind memory take them into fight or flight.

Learn how to transform your dogs' behaviour and health issues through a holistic behavioural program. With The Connection Technique we start with an assessment and tailor a treatment plan to include self-selection of natural remedies.

You can also go deeper with me into the body mind and take my online training program teaching the human how to connect with their dog through the senses, animal communication, meditation, zoopharmacognosy, canine massage and animal Reiki. Selecting the modules that most speak to you.

As part of the program we explore human leadership skills and non-violent communication. As well as the proven theory that animals mirror and pick up on our emotions and stress.

Nicky’s passion is to help people really connect to their dog or animal in a way that helps resolve behavioural issues and identifies the feelings and the underlying needs of their loved ones. Freeing both human and dog from the shackles of stress, worry, anger, pain and trauma.

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